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An Extension of your Home

Your garage is an extension of your home—a living space that’s subjected to the harshness of tire traffic and vehicle fluids. At Monster Constructors we specialize in luxury garage finishes that will withstand years of abuse and still impress your neighbors. Epoxy flake is our most common finish, but garage floors can also be finished in an Epoxy Metallic, polished concrete, or colored stained.

Colored Flake 100% Saturation Coverage

A garage floor coating is one of the most affordable and attractive ways to enhance a plain gray garage slab. Monster Constructors heavy-duty epoxy-based systems give you durability as well as a wide array of design options. Our floors are completely saturated to failure with the choice color flake selected vs. our competitors’ sprinkles, offering a superior finished floor.

Epoxy garage floor coatings are the most popular option because:

  • Attractive appearance upgrades the look of the floor
  • Durable and chemical resistant
  • Increase resiliency to stains and tire marks
  • Hide minor imperfections
  • Easy to clean
  • Slip resistant
  • Fast install time
  • Floor longevity lasting up to 20 years+
  • We offer a vast assortment of flake color options

And you can have all of this for a very affordable price.

Flake Chart (click for a larger image)

"Our Clients Love Working with Monster Constructors!"

"After a decade, Monster Constructors continues to offer a seamless service in providing Epoxy garage floors to our clients. Flawless every time, our clients love working with Monster Constructors crews which makes my job easier with happy clients. Great company to work with."

Nick S. – Westlake Custom Homes– Westlake, TX (Epoxy Floor)

Want something more “EXOTIC”, Look at Epoxy Metallics!

Are you interested in creating an almost 3D effect, where no two floors will ever look the same? Are you wanting unique, modern, and bright? Do you want your floors to take on a distinctive and unique look that is striking with any décor? Some of the most unique and beautiful floors that can be installed in homes, garages, basements, or businesses are metallic epoxy floors. Let your imagination run wild and pick your choice. Look at our Gallery of Epoxy Metallic creations and our color chart. These floors cannot be duplicated so you will be the only one to ever have that custom floor design. Remember we can combine colors for that special one of a kind floor!

Garage Flooring:
Provides strength and ability to resist chemicals, oils, and stains. Its durability and resilience to impacts, chipping, and surface abrasions is an added benefit. It is also light reflective so it will brighten up the look of your garage, without having to add additional lights all the while simultaneously being beautiful.

Brings a sense of elegance to any space and easy to clean and maintain.

In an environment with heavy traffic where floors are exposed to harsh environments or if you need to accentuate an area then epoxy metallic floors are the way to go. It can showcase a room, while being resistant to wear and tear but also provides a non-slip surface adding an extra layer of safety.

Epoxy Metallic Color Chart
(click for a larger image)

Epoxy Flooring - Project Gallery

Epoxy Floors - Southlake, Texas
Epoxy Floors - Southlake, Texas
Epoxy Floors - Southlake, Texas
Polished Concrete Floors - Dallas, Fort Worth
Epoxy Floors - Dallas, Fort Worth
Epoxy Floors - Dallas, Fort Worth
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"They Created a Beautiful Multi-dimensional Effect!"

"When we were wanting to create a floor in our new home to was unusual and different, we found Monster Constructors online. After discussing options, we settled on a “Metallic Epoxy”, the results are stunning and everyone that comes into our home comments on the beautiful multi-dimensional effect, it’s like walking on clouds! Highly recommend! "

Samantha K. – University Park, TX (Metallic Floor)

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